Saturday, January 23, 2010

Science vs technology

1.Drawing correct conclusions based on good theories and accurate data.
2.Pursuit of knowledge and understanding for its own sake.
3.Corresponding Scientific Processes.
4.Discovery (controlled by experimentation).
5.Analysis, generalization and creation of theories.
6.Reductionism, involving the isolation and definition of distinct concepts.
7.Making virtually value-free statements.
8.The search for and theorizing about cause.
9.Experimental and logical skills needed. Technology:
1.Taking good decisions based on incomplete data and approximate models.
2.The creation of artifacts and systems to meet people's needs.
3.Key Technological Processes.
4.Design, invention, production.
5.Analysis and synthesis of design.
6.Holism, involving the integration of many competing demands, theories, data and ideas.
7.Activities always value-laden.
8.The search for and theorizing about new processes.
9.Design, construction, testing, planning, quality assurance, problem solving, decision making, interpersonal and communication skills.

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